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Property Management Tucson AZ

Property Management Tucson AZ

A Complete Spectrum of Residential Property Management Services

As your property manager we evaluate your property to help you determine the proper price point as well as suggest any repairs, or modifications to help you rent your property for the best possible market value.

We use best known and available methods for advertising your property to attract the largest possible pool of tenant candidates. Each tenant candidate is carefully screened. Each is interviewed and asked to complete a detailed rental application form. In addition we perform a thorough check of their credit worthiness as well as verify references from past landlords.

All tenants must provide a security deposit, sign a comprehensive lease agreement. As your property manager we handle all rent collection tasks as well. Net proceeds are mailed by the end of the 2nd week of each month, or can be directly deposited into your bank account. We also enforce rent collection policies. Violations and delinquencies are dealt with quickly and fairly.

Net proceeds are accompanied with a detailed statement of rent received and any expenses incurred for maintenance and repairs. We also pay all bills for property maintenance and upkeep and at the end of the year provide a statement detailing income and expenses and make sure there is compliance with all IRS record keeping requirements.

Periodically, we will drive the property and if necessary we will inspect the premises to insure the tenant is in compliance with the agreement of the lease and act quickly to correct any compliance problems. We handle all calls for repairs and maintenance, so you will never receive a call from your tenant. Most of the time the cost of maintenance and repairs are deducted from your reserve account. We only request funds when the sum amount of money in your reserve account is not sufficient to cover the cost of the work. We maintain a relationship with experienced, qualified and licensed contractors to assure that all work is done correctly.